Ezequias Santos

Pastor Santos is the founder of the New Hope Manchester Ministry. He and his wife Lindalva came from Brazil originally in 2006 to plant a Church for Portuguese speaking people. They have two teenagers, Gabriela and Rafael.
As a pioneer Pastor Santos faced many struggles but fortunately today, after 6 years of hard work the ministry has spread out to other parts of Northern England such as in Liverpool, Southport, Leeds and Wakefield. 
One of Pastor Santos' natural gifts is to inspire the whole ministry with his passion and commitment.
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Mariano Gauna Filho

Pastor Mariano has joined the New Hope Church in March 2012 He is a great leader and has a passion for the Youth Ministry.
Mariano is involved with the YWAM Project (Youth With A Mission), a Chritian Organization which prepares young people for missions. He is married to Jares and has two children, Paola and Luca. 
Pastor Mariano is also reponsible for the Worship team and the Youth Ministry.


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Jimmy Nelson

Jimmi Nelson has been involved with football ministry for the past 20 years  and he has   worked closley with the Ambassadors of Sport. This work has taken Jimmi to many places around the world using football to bring people to God.
Jimmi currently leads the football program in our church. We have a group of young people around the Hulme community and their football training takes place on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
He is a active member of the church supporting Pastor Santos and Pastor Mariano with the ministry work. He is also responsible for the management of the church building.
Jimmi Nelson is married to Shelli Nelson and is a gentleman who has a passion for God.
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Andrea Chadwick

Andrea Chadwick is a very talented lady. Married and live in Manchester for almost twelve years. She is one of our leaders and has been involved with the discipleship department of our Church for the past two years.
She has many passions but one that is closer to her heart is preparing new converts to become mature Christians.
She also leads the Celebrate Recovery Program (A Christ-based approach to recovery) and supports the Women's Ministry. 
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Lindalva Brasil

Lindalva Brasil is married with Pastor Ezequias Santos. She joined her husband in the calling to plant churches in the UK starting in Manchester.  She is passionate to serve in the house of the Lord and is the head leader of the Women's Ministry.
Lindalva is a Law graduate (back in Brazil) but she has decided to work full-time and more effectively in the intercession as she believes it is vital for the growth of the Church.
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Dirceu M Santana

Dirceu Santana came to join our church two years ago. At the moment he leads the Church in Leeds where the Lord has used him mightily. He is an elder with a great sense of leadership and commitment.  Married to Sandra Legband and together they had two sons.
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Sheli Nelson

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